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Mandalei Cattery is managed by myself, Carol Liebelt and is dual registered with both FASA & GCCFSA.

My cattery is situated approx 3/4 hour from Adelaide, at Gawler which is referred to as “The Gateway to the Barossa Valley” and also “The Best of Town and Country”.

I chose to breed Burmese as I believe these outgoing, affectionate intelligent cats, with their soulful eyes and their knack of wrapping people around their little paws, to be the ultimate pet/companion.

All Mandalei cats are free of FELV, FIV and Chlamydia and are tested regularly. Testing is required for any incoming queens.  Breeding cats are also DNA tested for Hypokalemia.

A special thank-you to Patricia Sacshe (Tarnova Cattery), Sally Mays (Xabra Cattery), Eileen Kain (Seawynd Cattery), Muriel and Richard (Kokhan Cattery), David & Josephine Williams (Daphine Cattery) & Sandy Klumpp (Anell Cattery).

Their advice and friendship is cherished.


"Courtyard where my boys reside"

Important Info

Any cat sold for breeding has restrictions!  Under NO circumstances are ANY males to be kept, sold, leased or given away as entire cats, ALL male offspring must be de-sexed prior to leaving for its new home…….Non negotiable