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The Nursery

Many of the kittens I have bred since commencing breeding in 1996 have gone on to become champions on the show bench.

All Mandalei females have run of the house. Kittens are born in my bedroom where they remain for the first 10-14 days, after which they are placed in “The Nursery”. At approximately 6-7 weeks of age they are given run of the house.

These cute little bundles of joy are ready to go to their new homes at approximately 12 weeks of age, having been wormed several times, vaccinated twice, de-sexed (unless sold with breeding rights – see ‘Important Info’) and vet checked. They leave home with a sample/information pack & a kitty/security blanket.

When purchasing a Mandalei kitten, both the parents, often the grandparents and other relatives can be viewed, giving you excellent insight into the eventual temperament and appearance of your kitten.


Important Info

Any cat sold for breeding has restrictions!  Under NO circumstances are ANY males to be kept, sold, leased or given away as entire cats, ALL male offspring must be de-sexed prior to leaving for its new home…….Non negotiable