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~ Breed Profile ~

Burmese are medium in size, compact, of foreign type, muscular and heavier than their appearance indicates.

Coat should be short, fine, close lying, satin-like in texture and glossy, which generally requires little grooming other than daily petting. Top of the head is slightly rounded with wide cheek bones that taper to a short blunt wedge. With golden eyes that can be quite mesmerizing.

They are people oriented, extremely affectionate with dog-like tendencies, they will greet you at the door upon arriving home from work and some even play fetch!

Be warned! Burmese are addictive, hence, you may not be able to stop at just one.

Any cat sold for breeding has restrictions!
Under NO circumstances are ANY males to be kept, sold, leased or given away as entire cats, ALL male offspring must be de-sexed prior to leaving for its new home... Non-negotiable.

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